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In June 2017, Davidsfonds Uitgeverij published the book Singing towers - Flemish carillons in pictures. This book is the result of a collaboration between Luc Rombouts (university carillonneur in Leuven) and myself. Starting with an introduction to the carillon culture in Flanders, the emphasis of the book lies on the image, on the photographs. 15 important carillons are presented in photos with comments. In order to reach a broad readership, the book is written in Dutch and English.  

Singing Towers - Zingende torens

Hardcover, 208 pages,

19,5 x 25 cm


Language: Nederlands, Engels

ISBN-10: 905908876X
ISBN-13: 978-9059088764

29,99 euro

Over the years I've tried out virtually all the genres of photography.

Photography with all its possibilities and facets has become a very important part of my life. I enjoy the creative process, from the generation of the photos to finishing and sharing them with others.

Since my early childhood I have been an enthusiastic hobby photographer.

I can still remember my first reflex camera, a Practica LLC with a Pancolar lens by Zeiss. This camera has accompanied me on many trips and other photographic adventures. Since then I had several other cameras. Today I mainly use digital full frame cameras.

Today, digital photography is in many respects superior to traditional imaging technology.

Ignoring certain highly specialised areas, it can certainly be said that the image quality of high-dynamic and high-resolution files printed on top-quality printers generally exceeds the quality of prints from the traditional dark room. Other important advantages of digital working are the greater speed, lower costs and results which are perfectly replicable. Generally speaking, working comfort is much higher.

Already when taking a photo, high technical quality is crucial.

Currently I only work with a digital full-frame camera. I also prefer fixed focus lenses and use them wherever possible. Only for photo jobs with fast changing conditions, I switch to zoom lenses.

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